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Recommended Products

All products below are recommended by Blooming Lotus Innovations, Inc. for a variety of reasons. 

Everyone is different, if you have questions on what products may be best for you, contact us and we can help.

CBD Products

CBD Oil is beneficial to aid in both physical and mental health management. Our certified herbalists and naturopaths LOVE this brand of CBD oil because not only is it top-of-the-line, but is also scientifically backed with affordable prices. CTFO also offers a variety of other CBD products including CBD coffee. 

Contact your provider if you have any questions or need additional information regarding CBD. 

Buddha Teas

Tea is an excellent beverage that can not only taste delicious but provide amazing health benefits! Buddha Teas are highly recommended by Blooming Lotus Innovations, Inc. due to their variety of loose leaf teas, tea bags, and tea accessories. As a bonus, they also have CBD teas available. 

For more information about what tea is the best for you and your health, contact us.

Kraken Kratom

Kratom is an excellent herb to manage pain, anxiety, and substance dependence. Our certified herbalists and naturopaths recommend Kratom as an alternative to pharmaceuticals to help manage these conditions. Please contact us to discuss the best Kratom options for you. 

Recommended Products: List
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