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Resources & Skills Membership

  • Exclusive access to mental health resources

  • Access to chat with a professional for guidance on use

  • Great for self-help skills or independent work

  • Electronic and print formats available

Group Access Membership

  • All the access the Resources & Skills Subscription provides

  • Access to Support Groups (upon admin acceptance)


VIP Membership

  • Access to Resources & Skills

  • Access to Support Groups (with admin acceptance)

  • Two sessions per month with a Certified Life Coach*

VIP & Text Membership

  • All the resources and access included in the VIP Membership

  • Text subscription included


Texting Subscription

Our Life Coaches are available via text during business hours and outside of session times if a text agreement has been made between the Life Coach and the client. This subscription allows you additional hours access to the Life Coach and someone to lean on when you're feeling isolated or overwhelmed.

Spiritual Reading Subscription

This service has the option to receive weekly or monthly spiritual readings. You will have the option to have tarot, numerological or both readings to help guide you.


Spiritual Coaching Session

Spiritual sessions may be done as a follow-up to explore other services such as Numerology Readings, Herbalist and Naturopathic Consultations, or other aspects of spirituality you'd like to explore further.
*These sessions may be an hour or longer and may include additional assessments within the session.
**Initial Readings and Consultations are done separately but can be scheduled with a spiritual session.

Dream Analysis Session

These sessions can be done as a one-time session, and can also be done as several sessions. Dream analysis involves not only your current conscious environment but things that could be coming up in your subconscious. Our professionals will work with you to fully understand what your subconscious is telling you.


Numerology Reading

You will be provided a detailed individualized numerological report highlighting and detailing the top 5 core numbers: Life Path, Expression, Personality, Heart's Desire, and Birthday.
*Compatibility readings, readings for multiple individuals, and detailed life path readings are also available upon request.
**Spirituality sessions may be scheduled to review or dive deeper into your reading or other aspects of spirituality as an individual, couple, or group.

Tarot Reading

We have a variety of spreads available and offer spiritual sessions to explore your readings further or have regular readings done. 
Contact us to get more information.


Herbalist / Naturopathic Consultation

Looking to the natural medicine available to you? Our Certified Herbalist and Naturopath help to point you on the right track to getting your needs met from both a physiological and psychological approach that's grounded in empirical research.
*These are typically assessment-type sessions with the option for follow-up.
**Spiritual sessions may be scheduled to review or dive deeper into your needs or other aspects of spirituality.

Life Purpose Coaching Session

Do you know what your life purpose is? Are you trying to figure it out? Our certified Life Coaches are specifically trained to help you along your journey to discovering and enacting your life's purpose.


"Life doesn't come with a coach, that's why we're here."

*All subscriptions will auto-renew and cancel upon cancelation request. 

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